Lobby Signage: Why It’s So Effective

Lobby Signage
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Think about how your mind works — it takes visual notes, interprets them with pre-fed information, creates an image which further trickles down to your perception of the image:

Logo (Plus) Signage (Creates) Image (Further Creates) an Impression.

It is what gets you “noticed.”

So, while you’re trying to get noticed, you have to make it worthwhile. How can one achieve this goal?

Create signage!

The key components that make good signage are the design, size, color, text, fonts, and also the placement.

Lobby Signage Plays a Key Role In Signifying and Branding of Your Business

A well designed, attractive lobby signage can leave a lasting impact on your customers. No matter the industry, first impressions are everything! The sole purpose of lobby signage is to educate your customers about your brand, and at the same time, help them justify the “why” in choosing you.

The Importance of Good Design

Your logo, name, and tagline are ready to be put on your signage. But, merely placing them in random order isn’t going to get your logo noticed. The logo should be clear, the font used should be coherent, and the color selection needs to compliment every aspect of the logo.

Placing a well-designed logo on signage increases readability and visual appeal. Size, too, plays a big role. Depending upon the area of your lobby and placement of the signage, the size of the logo needs to be determined.

Secondly, the content on the signage needs to be in a readable size. One of the few eye-catching components of a logo is the color schemes. Choosing the right color will increase the visual appeal. Whether bold or simple, colors need to match the background.

Thirdly, the signage should contain a minimal amount of text but at the same time, the minimal text should provide maximum understanding to the customer. Text overcrowding will only create confusion.

All of the above-mentioned components need to be presented professionally. Filled with relevant information, your lobby signage should reflect the attitude of your firm and your brand.

The Skilled Team of Professionals

We have a skilled team that can help you make you’re office/retail sales floor attractive with our lobby logo signs. Customized signs are our specialty.

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