Lawn Signs: Making an Impact

Lawn Signs
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Election campaigns have long used lawn signs as part of the advertising and vote garnering medium. But even without an election at hand, lawn signs can be used effectively as a means of advertising. A sign that is placed outside your store can significantly attract the attention of customers walking or driving past your store, and can steadily increase footfalls at your store.

Lawn signs are an effective means of visual communication, and when used right, can turn out to be a boon for any business.

Communicating with the Right Audience 

Advertising is all about communicating your brand’s ethos in the right way to the right clients. You can do it through various means —  newspaper ads, flyers, magazine ads, radio or a television channel. With all these traditional forms of advertising, you would need to spend a huge amount of money. Also, a text ad placed in some forgotten paper or skipped over a page can never compete with the power of a visual ad placed right outside your store entrance.

This form of advertisement is especially beneficial for businesses and stores that frequently have products or services on sale/discount (for instance, an electronic/digital goods store with frequent discount offers).

Saving Everyone Time

The human brain processes visual information faster than textual information. This is precisely why a small graphical representation of who you are as a business in the form of a lawn sign placed strategically in the line of sight of oncoming traffic can help attract new customers.

Small businesses located in high footfall areas particularly should use this type of sharp and bright advertising so they can make it clear to all those people walking by exactly what type of business they are so they can remove any ambiguity.

Visual Clarity 

Lawn signs beat any sort of expensive ads in print because it is a more enduring form of advertisement. Plus, it caters to that section of the client who walk out of their door not exactly knowing what they want to buy but who are tempted by the look of a slightly whimsical, funny, and creative sign that tells them that this is the store where they will find all that their hearts desire.

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Lawn sign is something that registers in your mind for a long time. For people who live in the area, a lawn sign is easy to remember and has the potential to be very effective in creating high recall value that translates into higher sales.

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