Choosing the Right Exterior Building Signage for Your Concert Venue

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Quality exterior building signage projects a good first impression of your concert venue and increases its visibility during both day and night.

Exterior building signage is the first thing that those attending the concert will notice. Therefore, as you organize a concert and map out the venue, ensure your signage is adequately in line with your concert’s key purpose.

When integrating exterior building signage for your concert venue, the aim is to:

  • Ignite interest and grab the attention of your audience.
  • Convey a straight to the point message about your concert.
  • Promote and increase the visibility of your brand

The following are tips for choosing the right exterior building signage for your concert venue:

  1. Focus on clarity

Choose an exterior building signage that conveys a clear and effective message about your concert. The message should resonate with the target audience. The best exterior building signage for this is a channel letter sign.

  • Versatility

Exterior building signage should display multiple but brief messages to showcase your concert. The aim of doing so is to capture the attention of the audience and arouse their interest for the concert.

  • Placement

Choose exterior building signage that can be placed at a noticeable spot, that’s visible and has high volume of traffic. Your exterior building signage should help people easily locate the concert venue from a distance.

To reinforce the three points highlighted, let us discuss three types of exterior building signage that are ideal for your concert venue:

  1. Channel letter signs

These 3D signs feature a modern look. If illuminated using LED lights, they create an impressive look of your concert venue at night. One can also choose reverse lit channel letter signs in which illumination emanates from behind the letters to further create an appealing look of your concert venue.

  • Cabinet signs (lightbox signs )

Cabinet signs offer an economical way of publicizing your concert and the venue. Illuminating the sign makes your concert venue easily noticeable from a distance. Further, strategic location of the sign is important. Place the cabinet sign at an attention-grabbing spot such as the main entrance of the concert venue.

  • Electronic center message signs

The signs can help create awareness and provide information about your concert venue. The signs display numerous messages. For instance, the signs can display the exact concert venue and other details about the concert.

In conclusion, ensure you have the right exterior building signage for your concert venue by hiring the services of professional signage designers. We can create exterior building signage that conveys a memorable impression on people who attend your concert.

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